Tips for the newly unemployed – #2

14 Mar

Hello again friends. I get how hard this time in your life is, and how your motivation waxes and wanes. Some people (unlike myself) are self-motivated,  get up early each day and spend most of the day doing what they should to find a job. If this describes you, then great! You are one of the lucky ones. I am not so lucky.

I get my best energy late in the day, and sometimes in the middle of the night. So that is when I have to go for it.

If that is like you also, I recommend just do what you can when you can. The most important thing is to keep your spirits UP!

My advice is …

(1) Do what you can to keep your spirits up. It is like pulling teeth to make yourself do something you are not ready for. If you get yourself up, then doing what you need to do can be (and will be) pleasurable.

Ways I get my spirits up are …

  • Attend networking meetings. In my city of St. Louis, there are several each week. This not only puts you in with like-minded folks, the topics are helpful and best of all, the networking!  I am not the social butterfly, but I do try to meet at least one person each time I attend an event (don’t forget your business cards!). Try that for yourself too, but if you don’t, it’s ok – don’t beat yourself up, just try to do it the next time. You will get more comfortable at it.  **If you need help in locating these types of events, first contact your local unemployment office.  You do not have to be collecting unemployment to use their services.  They should have several items of interest for you there, if you are in a large city.  If in a smaller city and your office does not have anything of value, call a center that is in your closest large city and ask for their help.  It might be worth it to travel once a week to attend an event.  Also, some churches offer group meeting for folks in this boat, and you do not usually have to be a member, nor believe in their particular faith.  Lastly, talk with friends, employed and unemployed friends.  They may know of some of these things and can lead you in the right direction.
  • Talk with friends who are happy, upbeat and inspiring for you.  This will help you immensely. Do your best to not talk with those who are generally a downer, including family. Remember this time is for and about YOU, and you do not need any help in bringing yourself down. If you do not have happy/upbeat friends, then it is all the more reason to go to networking events and make a new one!
  • Get out of the house.

    Spring is here! Spend time outdoors.

    Just taking a walk down the street can be more refreshing than you would believe. Even sitting in the sunshine on your back porch does wonders. Like gardening?  Do that.  Or go visit public gardens.  But best to get away from home. Take a drive if that is all you are up for … just get yourself out. Each day.

  • Go spend some money. Not a lot … but this helps too. If your money is very tight, go to a Dollar store, or a resale shop. Buy yourself something. It is very therapeutic … gals and guys!
  • Read a book. It’s great to read a book on job hunting, and there are tons out there, but if your goal is to bring yourself up, then read a book for pleasure. It is truly wonderful to lose yourself in a book. You can get one for free at the library … for a couple of weeks. If you are not a reader, I still suggest it, but maybe baby-step it with magazines that interest you. You can also read these at the library if money is tight … and hey, it gets you out of the house!
  • Listen to music! Put on your favorite CD. This works great for me when I’m on the computer doing my job search. It makes it so much nicer for me and I’m sure it will you too. But if you are in the dumps, get away from the computer … and enjoy your music!
  • Invest in your spirituality.  Meaning seek out ways to connect to your source (I call God), and commune, and seek out like minded folks.  That will really uplift you.  Way more than you may think.

(2) Work on perfecting your resume.  This is your key to opening the door to an interview.  I recommend getting lots of help and advice in this step.  You can find TONS of examples on the internet alone, but I also suggest you get reviews from friends, peers, and even someone from your local unemployment office … which by the way they can help you with this if you do not know where to start.

(3) Once complete (and I say that with grains of salt as you will be EVER updating/perfecting it), post your resume to several job boards.  Monster, Career Builder, Dice, and any others that are specific to your field (Google to find, search “job board business” or “job board industrial”, or something similar).  Keep your account current, meaning when you update your resume, remember to log in to your account at these job board sites and update it there too.  That does two things.  One is that you know your latest & greatest resume is out for the world to find, and two, employers who subscribe to the job board(s) can see the date of the last time you logged in to your account.  If it is recent, they know you are actively pursuing employment.  If not recent at all, you likely are not, and if semi-recent (a week to even a month old), you just are not “on it”.  Show them you are hungry!  … in a manner of speaking.

(4) Be ready for some calls about jobs!  Smile when you answer the phone and especially when you talk with someone calling about potential employment.  It will show through your voice.

More tips, thoughts and ideas coming soon!

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One response to “Tips for the newly unemployed – #2

  1. lauraingallsgunn

    December 11, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    This is such a beautiful, inspiring message. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for sharing it.


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