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Hello again friends.  I haven’t written in a while because … after 2 years …. I am now employed!  And I LOVE my new job.  I am an IT professional and I am currently contracting for a large company in the greater St. Louis area.  I’ve been here just over two months and I’m so happy.  In October, at my 6 month anniversary, I hope to be hired on permanently (that is the plan!).

Enjoy your summer!

But … I do recall the last two summers and how much of a struggle it is to job hunt when so many working folks are taking vacations.

I want to discuss what my experience has taught me about folks who have not been directly affected by our recession, as when you do get interviews, chances are good that you will be meeting with one or more of them.

I have found that people who did not lose a job, nor have their spouses lost a job, really have no idea what it is like out there when looking for a job – at all.  They may not have any idea what it is like to collect unemployment, ever.   And they likely do not have very good sympathy for you for having to endure this.

My advice is to barely (and rarely) mention your time out of work and what it has been like for you.  Do not reveal any of the particulars either, such as being uninsured, having to borrow money from family or your 401k, or that you are late on all your bills.

You probably know this much during an interview, but I suggest it also if you get hired, no matter how comfortable you feel with your co-workers and superiors.

Remember to always look out for yourself – first.  No one else will.  In doing this you will have the fortitude to help your spouse, children and others.

So once you get hired and your time between jobs is finally over, smile a lot at work, be happy, share the good parts of your life and enjoy your new job.  You can talk about all the “junk” with your spouse, friends and family, or a counselor.

You still need to work out all your “junk” (pent up anger, aggression, sadness, etc.) so you can once again be a very happy person, but work is not the place to do this.  Yes, you will have to put on an act – on some level.  I am not saying to be fake, just be careful.

I hope this makes sense to you.  I want you to share in the joy of life if you are not doing so now.  And I know well what it is like to be in a long-term funk.

Keep up your networking, even after you land.  Nothing is guaranteed and you never know if you’ll be job-hunting again, so remember to always continue to network.

I wish you all much happiness this summer.  Take time to do some fun things besides just job hunting and networking.  Go to the pool.  Garden.  Take a walk in the park with your dog.  Read a book outside.  Listen to the summer bugs.   Breathe in fresh summer air.   And … I hope you are blessed with a great position as I have been!  If not yet, it is only a matter of time.

Keep the faith!

It’s Summer! How’s the job-hunting going?

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