Hello 2012!

13 Jan

Hello Friends.

My last post was in late October and shortly after I wrote my last entry I again found myself out of work, stunned and unsure of what the future holds.

I thought 11-11-11 would be a special day because of the symmetry of numbers in the date … sort of like my wedding date 10-10-10.

For me, it may be a blessing but I’m still waiting for that to be made clear.  I had worked a contract job at a large St. Louis company helping with the conversion to Cisco IP phones and out of the blue I was relieved of my duties.  It happened on a Friday afternoon, 7 months to the day from my start date.  I was told it wasn’t working out and I needed to brush up on my Cisco skills.  My agency heard nothing of this, only that it was budgetary driven.

I was very hurt.  It certainly felt like I was FIRED.  My boss there was a female about my age and she had a big heart but with sharp edges all over.  Frankly, she didn’t need to tell me anything more than what my agency was told.  I feel she got some delight in letting me go and making such a dramatic scene with it.  You know the sort of thing … having your co-workers all go to the cafeteria (except me, making it obvious to them what was happening), then having a box ready, escorting me to my cube and watching me pack up, then escorting me out of the building.

And I didn’t “qualify” for unemployment until at least until January 1st (2012).  Lovely.

So … what to do?   I changed my attitude.  Good riddance to them and hello new opportunities!

My husband and I got through the worst financial month we’ve had in our time together.  Thankfully we even enjoyed Christmas.  Not because of gifts or lack thereof, but just because of the love and generosity the season brings out in people.

On to some good news …

The IT industry in St. Louis has been opening up and I started a new job December 27th (2011).  I’m in my 4th week now and I think it is going very well.  I have taken a pretty big step back career-path wise, and even salary wise, but hey, I’m working, making enough to live on and am relatively happy.  I am working downtown again and I love it!  Always did love downtown (any of you recall that 1960’s song about “Downtown”?).

I am SO glad it is 2012.  Last year was rough indeed and with its ending being so tough financially, I’m more than happy it’s all over.  Oh, forgot to mention that our house was robbed in broad daylight on Dec. 28th!  Luckily the thieves got scared off before they got away with much.

This is going to be a GREAT year!

Now …..

It’s a new year, new opportunities and much more room for great things in my life!  And yours too. 

God bless.


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