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Things keep getting better and better!

Hello my Dear Readers,

It is now late September 2012.  Just had my birthday and boy are the years flying by!  I am loving the cool fall weather we are having in St. Louis.  Love having the air conditioner OFF!

In my last post, I was working a new job in downtown St. Louis at a law firm.  A few weeks into that job a Contract Agency Recruiter contacted me about a different job.  That happening is kind of old hat to me since so many recruiters do contact IT folks about working Contract jobs, and 98% of those initial contacts come to nothing and I don’t put much weight in to them.  This time I was the winner!

Six weeks after starting the law firm job I started a new job at the other end of the world (well, St. Charles country) and at the six month mark I converted to a permanent employee!  I am so happy too.  I love this job, the group that I am in, and my boss!  And the company!

It’s been a very long time in coming but it did come, and I am SO HAPPY!!  So far so good too.

If you’ve been through any part of what I’ve been through, I encourage you to hang in there as things WILL improve.

I don’t make the money I used to back in 2009 when I was Laid off, but I have much less stress in my world, my life is now balanced and I love what I do!

I WISH YOU ALL WELL and all the blessings that I have been fortunate enough to receive!  And feel free to write me, or comment on any of my posts.

Happy Fall!

Remember these words of wisdom and truth.

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